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Voices from the Coal Shed


August! Holiday season! And so many of us going…nowhere! Why not send a postcard anyway? Instead of the usual “Wish you were here”, how about, “Wish I was there”?

“Wish I was there” this month’s theme for contributions to the Voices from the Coal Shed blog and the virtual museum at the National Coal Mining Museum of England. This is open to any age and from anywhere.

Send your postcard message to:    voicesinthecoalshed@gmail.com

Whether you can travel or not, everyone can wish.


Dave Alton

(Writer in Residence

National Coal Mining Museum of England)

 Jersey is a home from home. I wish I could walk along the St Aubin promenade as the sun sets after a busy day exploring. Or I’d visit the magnificent castles steeped in layers upon layers of history, where you can traverse five centuries in just five paces if you know where to go. I wish I could sit on the quiet and hidden golden beaches, the only sounds the waves against the rock pools. Bliss.


Brittany Holmes





I asked my 6 year old Grandson where he wished he was. This is his Postcard.


"I wish I was at Thomas Land but I really wish that I was at my friend's house playing with him, or at school in the playground playing Tig or Field of Lava with all my friends."

Isaac Reddington Aged R


My Postcard would be 


I wish I was on the beach in the sun in San Stephanos, Corfu. We would swim in the warm sea then relax on sunbeds listening to the familiar holiday beach 'soundtrack' of the sound of the waves, sun umbrellas flapping in the breeze, children playing and jet skis. We would discuss which wonderful local restaurant we might eat at tonight.


Pam Utley



Strolling on a beach

Feet wet and tingling

Cold waves catching.


Sand washes away

Reveals shells gleaming

Pebble gems glistening.


Footprints come and go

Life's pace pausing

Just breathing and being.

Julia C.



I wish I was…


…in Norfolk at my favourite camp site. I would be swimming in the swimming pool and running on the grass. It is a massive camp site with play areas which have lots of fun things to do. When I am there I feel as happy as a laughing hyena.

Caitlin Alton


I wish I was…


…in Toronto where I was due to be, before Covid. I was going to watch Leeds Rhinos v Toronto Wolf Pack and go in the nice pool on the top of the hotel. I was also looking forward to a theme park.

Rebecca Alton


I wish I was…


sailing on Adriatic Sea surrounded by endless blue sky and sparkling sea. The wind whipping the sails as we skim along bouncing on the gentle waves. Anticipating clambering into the dinghy to be whisked ashore for a delicious meal in a restaurant.

Jacqueline Garrood

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