Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Winners of the Pony Poetry Competition at the National Coalmining Museum

Category: 5 – 7 years

Pit Ponies

Pit ponies work underground,
Carrying heavy, heavy coal all around,
Waiting for the day in the mines to stop
Filling their carts all the way to the top.
The mines are horrible,
Dark, cold and dangerous,
I think the pit ponies were very brave for us.

                                                                             Chloe Grimshaw (7)

Category: 8 – 12 years


My name is chip, I live in the pit,
I don’t know if I work night or day.
No spring, no summer, no autumn or winter,
No wind or rain,
It’s all the same.
Because I’m in the pit, dusty and dirty,
Young face I see by the white of the eyes.
I don’t have much of a life,
I work really hard transporting coal
Backwards and forwards.
Don’t know whether it’s day or night,
That’s my life in the pit.

                                                                             Olivia Loraine (10)