Monday, 8 July 2019

A Life Amongst Diamonds

Not brittle or smooth
and resistant to a hit
the rock was a block

Water flows through the valley
crashing into the edges

Strong, tough, working hard
firm, fierce or so it seems
rock solid brave, thick

The keeper of history
a look into the pastime

A wonderland of
light, shimmering wealth that
comes from underground

Washing away sadness shown
making dark struggles unknown

Treasure hidden here
and me, yes you can looker
hide me again for someone

Caphouse pit baths are old 
quiet still, like never before

Diamonds are forever
not for Christmas or birthdays
a miner I am not, luckily

This poetry chain was created on the Caphouse site
Of National Mining Museum for England. It is the product
Of a writing workshop held there on Sunday, 7th July 2019.