Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Wakefield Rising Renga

A bright summer day,
Hover flies over water,
Nothing much happens.

On the Northern Line again,
Remember to feel the heat.

Two years – five boxes,
Is that all we ever were?
Words were left unsaid!

We are now fragments of selves
Ripening into our new self.

Leaves out in the yard
Need sweeping up every day:
A bloomin’ nuisance!

Time, ticking like an endless
Sad cricket, above the fire.

Drifting into sleep
With curtains closed, TV on
Nights long, daylight gone.

Pannage in the library,
Every page a sparkling gem.
Slick icy puddle,
Plodging in muddy rapture,
The best things are free.

Season for woolly sweaters,
Welly bobs for rain and snow.

Standard lamp glowing
Makes the room warm and cosy,
Dark shadows on walls.

Lonely, the winter tree can
Never shed it bitter spikes.

Animals awake,
Humans out passed 4pm,
The days get longer.

Let’s have a flingy thingy;
All the way! All the way! All…

The blossom appears
Growing daily on the boughs,
Promises to come.

I am unknown, I am feared,
I am inevitable!

Poets: Claire Crossdale, Fiona Fellows, Timothy Fellows, Stefan G., Jean hales, Halima Mayat, Simon Widdop

Composer: Dave Alton