Saturday, 10 December 2016

2 Poems for the NCMM Memorial

Lives Lived, Lives Lost
A wall of steel ageing with time
This sweeping arc stands sublime
Names of those who risks their necks
Etched forever onto coloured glass checks
Tokens of remembrance given with grace
A kaleidoscope of colour here in this place
Prisms in the sunshine shining so bright
Rainbows through the rain a wonderful sight
A lasting memorial to miners and mines
So much to read between all those lines
A seam forged with power; glass fused with care
Reflections and tributes for generations to share
Lives lived and lives lost though never in vain
Their memories live on and will always remain

© Marian Barker

In the Memorial Garden

Misty moments and misty eyes
Heads bowed beneath November skies
Family members young and old
Standing together in the cold
Mist wraps around just like a shawl
Gently enveloping us one and all
Names read out in reverence due
Music played softly through and through
The choir sang in harmony
Words befitting a eulogy
Silence fell; a wreath was laid
Some shed a tear; others prayed
Misty moments, misty eyes
Underneath November skies

© Marian Barker